Emergency Rental, Mortgage and Utility Assistance Program (ERAP)

Total assistance distributed since July 2020, includes all funding sources.

CURRENT Available Funding

ERAP - R Funding: Expected to begin around March 14, 2022.

Household Eviction Prevention and Diversion Solutions

The City of Mesa has been fortunate enough to receive over $52M in direct federal funding, through the various pandemic-related acts, to help both renters and landlords with rent payment delays due to the overall impacts of the pandemic.  The rental/utility and mortgage assistance programs are focused on low-income residents that have been impacted by COVID-19.
Our goal is three-fold: 
  1. Prevent evictions to keep our residents housed;
  2. Help residents work toward stability;
  3. Ensure any/all funding in Mesa can help our community thrive during the pandemic and be well positioned toward future, long-term, and sustainable success.
Below are statistics and information from prior funding waves about the funding investment process and outcomes. For more data visit the full ERAP dashboard.
ERAP - 2 Funding: Began October 6, 2021 and currently accepting applications.
Emergency Foreclosure Prevention Program (EFPP): Began July 1, 2020 and expended funds January 27, 2022.
ERAP - County: Began August 1, 2021 and expended funds October 5, 2021.
ERAP - 1 Funding: Began February 1, 2021 and expended funds July 31, 2021.
CountyCARES: September - December 2020
For more data visit the full ERAP dashboard.